Mighty Jaxx – Fairest of Them All – Djohan Hanapi
Name: Fairest of Them All Artist: Djohan Hanapi Manufacturer: Mighty Jaxx Features: This was originally planned to be a vinyl figure, but difficulties with production quality caused Mighty Jaxx to switch to polystone. This Snow White parody is part of the artist's provocative takes on fairytale princesses. Size: 8" Year: 1st Quarter 2018 LIMITED EDITION - SUPER RARE
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Mighty Jaxx – Maruma by Supermama (Limited 100 pieces)
This figure Maruma by Supermama was an exclusive found in the mystery bags at Mighty Jaxx's "Worldwide Anarchy" 5th anniversary party, held in Lepark, Singapore. It is an interpretation of ancient Japanese Daruma dolls, which are used for personal dedication when starting a new venture in life. One eye is painted in to mark the start of a new goal, and the other eye is colored in when the goal is completed. Close to the heart of Japanese, Daruma mimics the silhouette of Bodhidharma in a state of deep meditation, embodying the determined spirit and peaceful outlook on life; Part fish and part lion, the Merlion pays tribute to Singapore’s transformation from a down-to-earth fishing village to a city, personifying a lion’s fearless nature. Maruma by Supermama celebrates the union of these two cultures— Japan’s Ganbaru spirit representing grit and perseverance; Singapore’s humble roots and symbol of courage moving forward into the future. 6" (15cm) Vinyl Collectible Collaboration between Supermama and Mighty Jaxx Limited Edition of 100
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