Dunny Dunnibal 8 inch
Dunny Dunnibal 8 inch by iLoveDust (5/6)
The 8 inch Dunny Dunnibal by iLoveDust It’s what’s for dinner. 8-inch vinyl Dunny from British illustrative masters ilovedust features deco detail that takes Dunny to a new dimension. About the artist: ILoveDust: “ilovedust, a multi-disciplinary studio founded back in 2003. Based on the South coast of England, surrounded by the rolling English countryside and whipped by sea air, ilovedust creates fresh, innovative design which makes up their award-winning portfolio. Collaborating with a diverse range of brands, from those shores and afar, they have been delivering world class illustration and graphic design for 10 crazy years.” Condition : NEW and never expoed, The box has been opened for identification. Name: Dunnibal Dunny purple (5/6) Artist: ilovedust Manufacturer: Kidrobot Features: Posable arms and swiveling head. There was also a rare chase version. (1/6) Ratio: 5/6 Quantity: 1200 pieces Size: 8" Year: 2013
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Dunny Lord Strange 8 inch by Brandt Peters
Dunny Lord Strange 8 inch Artist: Brandt Peters Series: 8" Dunnys Manufacturer: Kidrobot Features: Posable arms and swiveling head. Comes with removable hat, skull mask, skull staff and two removable ear flames accessories. Fans who pre-ordered this dunny through Stranger Factory recieved a 5x7" marker sketch by the artist. There were also white and GID versions of this figure. This figure is the 14th character of the artist's The 13 series. Lord Strange opened the 13th dimension and let loose all the characters in the series. Brandt Peters and Kidrobot present Lord Strange, the ringleader of the sold out The 13 series! Lord Strange is the shady eccentric responsible for opening the 13th Dimension that unleashed the creatures of The 13 series! After a long and mysterious disappearance, Lord Strange has returned to Infernal Manor as an 8” Dunny! Quantity: N/A Size: 8" Year: 2016
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Dunny Buck Wethers
Dunny Buck Wethers 8 inch by Amanda Visell
From the whimsical world of Amanda Visell comes the Dunny Buck Wethers ! Buck Wethers measures 8” tall and features Amanda Visell’s signature style. Amanda Visell has exhibited her work, lectured and taught workshops at galleries and museums internationally. Dunny 8" Buck Wethers is your children best friend for any cute god night history. Dunny Buck Wethers Artist: Amanda Visell Manufacturer: Kidrobot Features: Posable arms and swiveling head. Ears and tail are sewn. Texture added to figure using a dry brush effect. Comes with wheat stalk accessory. "Wethers" is a neutered male goat. This figure is based on a Buck Wethers raffy the artist created for her Ferals Mini Series. There was also a Country Peach version of this figure. Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces Size: 8" - 20cm Year: 2016
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Dunny Teal Bubble Yucky
Dunny Teal Bubble Yucky 8 inch signed by Tara McPherson
HAND SIGNED with PICTOGRAPHY from George by Tara McPherson himself. CONDITION : This figure is 10 years old and limited to 1000 pieces. They came from a private collection in Point Pleasant New Jersey and travel around the world. They are some usual and spots from the signature on the back and the front. Please look at the pictures before buying. This is a very special and unique figure on the European Art Toys Market !
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Magic Love Hello Kitty signed by Tara McPherson
Magic Love Hello Kitty HAND SIGNED by Tara McPherson himself with a small red heart. CONDITION : This figure is 7 years old and came from a private collection in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and travel around the world. There is some usual and spots from the signature on the back. Please look at the picture below before buying.
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