Funko Pop! Movies – Despicable Me 2 – Gru #33

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Name: Funko Pop! Movies – Despicable Me 2 – Gru #33
Artist: Universal
Manufacturer: Funko Pop!
Features: Gru is the greatest super villain in the world and has a lot of fun making life difficult for his fellow human beings. Gru is the main character in the movie Despicable Me. In despicable me 2, after the super villain Gru adopted the three orphans Margo, Edith and Agnes, a lot has changed in his life. Instead of committing crimes as curmudgeons, his life now revolves around bedtime stories, children’s birthdays and the girls’ first admirers. His new life is suddenly disrupted when Lucy, an agent of the secret Anti-Villain League, leads Gru to their headquarters against his will. There Gru is given the task of saving the world from a new villain.
Size: 3 3/4 inch
Year: 2013

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